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Amaya Arevalo. Performer. Composer. Private instructor.


​Amaya has recorded on several albums including Matteo Sabattani's Boundless, Matthew Davis's EP, Dale Fredrickson's Blessed is The Man, and her debut album Love Wears Many Faces. She has recorded on Matteo's Sabattani's "Footprints" which has won a Downbeat award. She has also recorded with Littlekidsrock in conjunction with Hal Leonard in a soon-to-be-published instructional manual on beginning jazz fundamentals.


In the spring of 2021, she is planning on releasing her newest album When I Was Young, a collection of music in the modern jazz style.


​She has performed on KUVO Denver's jazz radio station with world-renowned trumpet player Greg Gisbert, and has performed with the great jazz vocalist Carmen Bradford in conjunction with UNC's Lab 1.


​She has written and arranged many songs in the contemporary jazz style, as well as many singer-songwriter songs and contemporary-style music. 


​She is currently working on compiling and publishing an original book of poetry with original artwork featuring solely women visual artists. She is also currently working on a singer-songwriter album to be released 2021 called Hello.Goodbye.
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